Products & Services

The EcoPro® Series systems are mobile systems housed for transport and operational function within standard ISO shipping containers. Complete systems are shippable within a C17 or similar commercial aircraft; on two standard highway 48’ semi-flatbed or within two semi-trailers. ISO container or semi-trailer configurations are also shippable by rail, barge and container ocean transports. A single system requires three personnel for an 8 hour shift, co-located systems can be networked to a common control room, which enables a reduction of on-site personnel. The EcoPro® Series systems will initially be provided to commercial hazardous materials generators, FEMA organizations at federal and state levels, and to the US military and allies.   


EcoPro® I is designed to handle a wide variety of solid and semi-solid hazardous wastes, including the following:

  • Medical & pharmaceutical hazardous and nonhazardous wastes
  • Industrial & commercial hazardous and nonhazardous wastes
  • Military Forward Operations Base (FOB) waste
  • Remote oil drilling and shale development camps have similar wastes to a military FOB
  • Military Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief (HADR) Operations for DOD and FEMA
  • Disaster-generated hazardous and nonhazardous wastes 
  • Electronics waste (e-waste) – plasma gasification will recover a much higher percentage of precious metals, while not using caustic acids that harm the environment


EcoPro® II is similar in size to EcoPro® I, but is designed exclusively for remediating liquid hazardous materials including the following:

  • Contaminated oils & solvents, including all isomers of PCBs
  • Contaminated hydraulic-fracturing fluids
  • Liquid medical, medical research & pharmaceutical wastes
  • Chemical & biologicals warfare agents, in liquefied state


EcoPro® III is Allied Plasma’s coal-ash conversion design that fully remediates toxins in coal-ash while also converting the inorganic content into marketable rock-wool like insulation material. The benefits of coal-ash conversion include:

  • Coal-ash deposit sites can be processed fully, with all coal-ash residual toxins destroyed.
  • The by-product is rock-wool insulation material, more correctly called “plasma-wool”, and has higher R-value insulation factors with a market value of $2000 or more per ton.
  • Fully remediated sites are environmentally safe and can be reclaimed for any desired recreational or land use purpose.
  • The physical hazard of any man-made coal-ash deposit is completely eliminated.
  • Mobile units of the EcoPro® III can be located at smaller coal-ash deposits, while larger non-mobile systems would be installed at primary deposit sites as well as at coal-burning power generation facilities.
  • The EcoPro® III design is a closed-system, with no flue gases or ash being produced. There is nothing left to dispose of in any landfill.